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We are nature, and only if we keep it in mind, will we be able to design better. Sustainability is not about adapting products to have less impact in nature. It is about creating better concepts, better products, better interactions, which improve people’s wellbeing. 


The exceptional environment where I grew up gave me the interest and passion for nature and people that define my vision as a designer and engineer.

The combination of those disciplines with my interest in culture and music and my active participation in the scout movement let me approach the projects with a unique view and methodology. 


Water resources are not equally distributed among countries, which affects their economic and social development.

Design faces the challenge of solving problems by creating new and better concepts to improve the interaction between people and the world around them. 


The Bearded Vulture (Trencalòs in Catalan) flies slowly, but when it hunts it releases the prey, which falls from the sky. 

I needed to design a device that let all the water “fall” only when it was needed. 

The project name reminds you of the Trencalòs as well as the final product lever, which has the shape of a feather. 


How to control flow is the key factor that will define the product. The solution is regulate it by means of a simple lever, located in a non-obtrusive position that ensures user comfort.

The main characteristic of this system is that the lever must always return to the original position, the one that provides the greatest water saving. 


The new system of control is non-obtrusive, comfortable, clean, hygienical and user-friendly. This values can be also a key factor in sanitary or alimentary field environments.

The system can also be applied to other household objects as well as showers, or industrial processes that require a control over the flow. 


The future of design won’t be defined by shapes or trends. Design is everything thought to became real. It has the power to create the world that we know.

Trenc Water Saver is a very little intervention focused on home sustainability, but it is also a call to raise awareness about our impact on environment.

Try to leave this world a little better than you found it 

Invited Project

Global Grad Show 2016

Dubai Design Week

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